Thursday, February 10, 2011

Terrorism is a World Wide Issue.

Terrorism is a term that is not unknown, but a term that is well known through out the world. Ever since 9/11 has happened, Terrorists attacks have increased dramatically. Why is terrorism considered to be problem? Terrorism is a problem because it causing deaths of innocent people to increase, instills fear within the people in targeted countries, increase of terrorits attacks, and is a costly issue. Terrorism is not a minor problem that can be solved with just one solution, terrorism is an issue that is more complicated and harder to find a solution for it to come to an end. It is an issue that is well known not only in America, but also in third world countries.  Some third world countries are run by terrorism causing its people to live in fear; fear of not knowing if they are going to live or die. Terrorism is problem that is bigger than words can describe. Terrorist attacks and deaths of victims of terrorism has and continues to increase. For example, in the near eastern region, FBI statistics reveal there were 5,528 deaths and 4,594 terrorist attacks according to the 2008 statistics gathered ( This is an example how immense of an issue terrorism is because more innocent lives are being taken as well as terrorist attacks increasing. Terrorism does not just effect one type of region, but all regions world wide.

Terrorism does not have a specific country that is a target, but every country is in danger of being victims of terrorist attacks. Terrorism is an issue that is a problem for everyone through out the world. Terrorism is not just stationed in just one country, but has become scattered. Since terrorism is becoming more scattered, the power of terrorism has been increasing. An example of this would be Al Qaeda. In Frontline's video, Al Qaeda's new front, is a perfect example of how terrorism has become powerful. Al Qaeda has become very involved in terrorist attacks occurring through out eastern Europe, such as the Madrid bombing. The Madrid bombing is an example of how scattered and powerful terrorism has become over the years. The Madrid bombing found evidence of cellular connection within known terrorists in Paris and London. This cellular evidence is an example of terrorism, especially Al Qaeda, is not just in Iraq, but others countries such a France and Britain etc. It is even known that Al Qaeda was also involved in the bombing that occurred in London because fertilizer that was used were tied to the ones found in Madrid (Frontline video). Ever since 9/11, terrorism has become more scattered and has being increasingly gaining power over the years.

If nothing is done  to solve the issue of terrorism, more issues involved are going to arise. Innocent lives will continue to be taken by terrorist attacks, terrorist attacks will continue to rise, terrorism will continue to scatter world wide, and the cost of terrorism isn't going to decline, but increase. Terrorism is a costly problem that every country has to deal with. For example, 9/11 is known terrorist attack through out the world. The World Trade Center building collapsed leading to not only the death of many people, but lead to a costly tab. Daniel Indiviglio, from The Altanic, discusses the economic cost of terrorism. Indiviglio states that, "The cost are obvious from a successful terrorist attack." 9/11 in American's eyes is a tragic event that occurred, but to terrorist 9/11 is considered to be a successful attack due to the damaged that was caused. The Madrid bombing as well as the incident in London is considered to be successful attacks due how much damage was done. That is what Indiviglio means when a costly attack is considered to be successful attack. A costly attack in terrorists eyes is a success and to the victims it is a tragedy. The damage that was done by 9/11 was 95 billion dollars ( This is a perfect example to show how costly terrorism and terrorist attacks can be. It is something that is going to continue to rise cost wise if nothing is done. If nothing else is done, the death fatalities will continue to rise as well. This is why terrorism needs attention nation wide.

Terrorism is an issue that needs great attention. If attention from every region does not aim towards terrorism, issues will continue to rise. In order to devote our attention to terrorism, terrorism needs to be fought through rule of law. If rule of law is used, it could possibly decrease terrorism in domestic and international countries. Choi (2010) did a study demonstrating how rule of law can help reduce terrorism. Choi discovered that in domestic and international countries terrorism increases due to political and religious reasons (pg 956). For example, if any policy that is made by the US and or Eastern Europe, this is seen by the Muslims as an attack on the religion. This can possibly lead Muslims to act out through terrorist attacks. Choi results from the study showed that rule of law does reduce domestic and international terrorist attacks. Choi argued that a democratic rule of law system will offer ordinary citizens a nonviolent way of settling an issue, so there will be a likelihood of terrorist attacks as being the last resort (pg 957). If rule of law is capable of reducing terrorism, than this should have our attention nation wide. Terrorism needs our attention, world wide, because of the catastrophic damage it is causing. If nothing is done, then damage will continue to arise and more lives will be lost. Terrorism is not only a known term, but is a immense problem world wide that needs to be dealt with.

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  1. You made some excellent points regarding how terrorism should be dealt with the rule of law and how if this problem is not dealt with head on, it may cause some serious long term problems. I also like how you said that it is an international problem and that 9/11 can't be the only focus since there have been disasters just as severe and catastrophic around the world throughout history.

  2. I think it is important to mention attacks outside of the US as you have done. While 9/11 was a horrible attack, there have been others just as devestating around the world and those victims deserve just as much attention as those here in the United States. Being a superpower, I think sometimes we tend to worry only about ourselves and don't always look at how what's happening on our soil is part of a bigger picture. Terrorism is a costly and tragic problem and although it has received much attention, it still requires further scrutiny as you are providing here.

  3. Thank you for the insight. I think you have done a remarkable work and it is time the world came to the realization that terrorism is one of the major problems we are facing if not the greatest.

  4. What was your motivation to write this? What is your purpose to achieve by writing this? What do you want the audience to do or feel about your work?